It Makes No Sense At All

7 Sep

“I don’t know why you want to tell me
When I’m right or when you’re wrong
It’s the same thing, in your mind, the only time
I’m right is when I play along”

(“It Makes No Sense At All“, Recorded on 24th March 2008. Somewhere in L.A. for Spinner)

Bob got me thinking about the false choice the GOP and the Democrats are giving me.

Politicians haven’t been this articulate since Patrick Henry. Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed Michelle Obama’s dress speech! She didn’t pander to me, and yet I didn’t want to be a woman, to get a job with her. President Clinton was in good form, too – I wish he hadn’t pushed welfare reform the last time he sounded this entertaining. And, Julián Castro has a big mouth to imitate – now he has to find a way to be nominated for the presidency without being like Obama, or else, getting elected will depend on delivering speeches to a few people in an air-conditioned boondoggle.

Seriously, I think anyone knows I’ll vote Democratic. That’s only because I’m practical enough to realize I can’t find a party that:

  • supports withdrawing from South Korea;
  • removing guns from Central America;
  • upgrading every weapon system to stuff that works and can come in under budget without turning into a public works project for fat, balding white guys in northern Virginia;
  • not drilling in Antarctica, but tapping asteroids;
  • something totally uneconomical, but equal enough, to spur growth in a way totally unimaginable now – just for shits and giggles;
  • no fracking, just DC generators in every house run on solar power public utilities are required to buy on pain of freezing in the winter.

Is there a party out there for me?


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