Romney Has Nothing New on Foreign Policy

30 Aug

Norah O’Donnell Decimates Mitt Romney Foreign Policy Argument With Great JournalismCBS’ Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell must have channeled their inner Will McAvoy’s, because they exposed just how much work former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, now a reluctant Romney mouthpiece, needs on her “short game”.

When Rose pointed out that most people think the President has done a ”good job” on foreign policy, Rice wisely avoided the issue, saying “this is about the future,” and that we “shouldn’t look back,” while deploying GOP word croutons like “American exceptionalism” and “leading from in front.”

O’Donnell then showed what a good White House reporter can do. “But if President Obama isn’t doing anything wrong,” she said, “then why change things?”

“It’s a question of what a President Romney would do,” Secretary Rice replied, “and there is no doubt that the United States’ voice has been muted, and when the United States’ voice is muted the world is a more dangerous place.”

(Listen to the entire interview here)

It’s not just that Rice sounds bored and scripted until Rose and O’Donnell gossip about her golf game. It’s that the United States’ former top diplomat is not talking about foreign policy, but about what the Republicans want white, right-wing Americans want to hear on a topic they know nothing about. Evils of world government? Check. Weak U.S. “muted?” and “leading from behind?” Check. Look, Bogeyman! Check. Why is this woman teaching at Stanford? She’s a hack!

And, American foreign policy for Republicans is reduced to threatening and bullying, in the desperate hope that a domestic electorate will get stoked enough, to give them the chance to blunder into another Iraq War debacle.


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