Taiwan Tomorrow

15 Jul

Wulai Hot Springs, TaiwanTomorrow my wife and I will fly to Taiwan for a seven-day vacation. It’s been five years since our last vacation, to the United States, and seven years since we toured Osaka, Japan. This trip, which will include Taipei and two days at the hot springs at Wulai, will be far too short than I need. In these five years, I given up on a fantasy I had of scuba diving and sky diving (I’ve done them before I met her) with my wife. My wife has been ill since March, and I hope the hot springs will do her some good. This trip will complete the triple for me – Japan, Korea, Taiwan (China – the “free” one), my minimal sightseeing goal for this region of the world. It’s as good as any time now to leave East Asia.

I don’t want to spend time on the internet, but I will try to post photographs and maybe video. One of the highlights of the itinerary will be the National Palace Museum, where artifacts from the mainland are housed after a long journey through the Japanese war and the civil war with the Communists. After that, tours of the Presidential Office Building, the National History Museum, Jiufen, and maybe even the zoo are in order. Of course, anywhere with seafood and tea will be important stops. On the weekend, we will spend two days at the Wulai Hot Springs, where I plan to do very little but relax.

It’s not the ideal time to travel. I want to think as little as possible of the future, or the semester ahead. Yet, I do have a few decisions to make, and my habit, by way of epiphany, is to take the first course that comes to me. I’ll admit my usually restive nature is stilled by depressing thoughts, and my wife’s slow recuperation is also frustrating. So, I hope this is an eventful experience. I had high hopes for this year – for about an hour back in February. Now, I wonder if it’s possible to hope for a change in my fortunes. I was prepared to call an end to the “bad days”, but now I feel I was naive.

For one week I will imagine as if times were improving.


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