Sweating Is Only Human

13 Jul

The Air-Conditioning Isn't Cold Enough For Me To Use My Blankets There are just limits to humans’ adaptability, to seasonal heat and cold, according to Slate (via Maggie Koerth-Baker). “Why is 98.6 just right for your body but too hot for the weather?”

The answer is both basic and interesting. Sure, 98.6 degrees F is the healthy temperature for a human body, but that’s only because we are pretty good at transferring heat away from ourselves. Your metabolism and your muscles generate more heat than that, but you get rid of it using tricks like breathing out hot air and sweating. Basically, your body works like a heat exchanger. It’s the same sort of system that keeps your refrigerator cool-take the heat from inside a closed space and dump it into the surrounding environment.

I’m sure this won’t stop somone from sticking an air-conditioning unit in our livers or brains.

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