Mica Wastes Brain Cells and Cash

13 Jul

Tattoo Failures The other day I filled out the ballot for the 2012 Florida Democratic party primary, so I’m a little more tuned in to the Florida races now. Not perfectly, there’s a bit of miscommunication happening between my Representative and me – on the level of spelling.

U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Winter Park, just dropped a new mailer aimed at winning over gun-rights supporters in his primary contest with U.S. Rep. Sandy Adams, R-Orlando.

But it may end up costing him a few votes among grade-school teachers.

The glossy mailer twice touts Mica’s support for “the right to bare arms.” That’s better known as the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – and as the right to bear arms.

What’s more, the mailer also touts Mica’s fight to keep the Second “Ammendment” alive.

This is the sort of annoying blunder I expect from my ESL students, not the campaign staff of a five-term professional politician. But, somehow this glaring failure, from staff people who are consuming vast amounts of donations that could be used for endeavors more beneficial to competent people, will probably only endear Rep. Mica to gun owners. There’s nothing like reading confirmation, that those Washington crooks really are a waste of money, in such a humorous way.

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