Woman Makes Record Of Her Own Abortion

11 Jul

It pains me to admit it: anti-abortion activists are just so much more skillful than pro-choice activists when it comes to manipulating people’s emotions. A photographer who took photographs of her own abortion procedure (via Skepchick) demonstrates how egregiously anti-abortion activists exploit people.

Fetus Funeral/Clinic Recently, I had an abortion, which I documented with a hidden mobile phone camera and then shared the images on the internet. I chronicled and published my experience on thisismyabortion.com to show what a safe abortion looks like, and to counter the perverse use of dead foetus images used by the anti-abortion movement. My hope is this project will help dispel the fear, lies and hysteria around abortion, and empower women to make educated decisions for their bodies.

Viewing, again, the horrific graphic images they displayed, I wasn’t sure if I was more afraid of being harmed by the anti-abortion protesters or if I was more anxious about the procedure itself.


But once past the bulletproof doors to the clinic, I entered a sanctuary.

Counselled, educated and physically readied, I let go of my anxieties in this safe space. The procedure itself, albeit uncomfortable, was straightforward and passed with ease. After all was done, with minor cramping, I took myself home where I slept off the remains of the day.

The photographic record of this woman, who penned the editorial anonymously is at this website. I ask you to consider the photographs in this two compilations, and conclude which two are more manipulative than the others. Here is what the author/photographer concluded:

Procedure Completed/Propaganda Images Experiencing my own abortion and photographing the result was a sobering experience. As a woman, I reckon with the power of images every day. But after my abortion, I realised images are literally being used as a weapon to petrify and assault viewers into fear, shame, and isolation. The protesters’ heartless use of lifeless foetus images made me feel cheated, lied to and manipulated. It was just propaganda: intended to shake the core of my deepest biological, intellectual and emotional foundation.

I will admit that when my wife had an abortion, and I was sitting in the waiting room, images worse than of those anti-abortion protest’s flashed through my imagination. Conservatives in this case are just more adept at exploiting those raw emotions and lack of information. It just shows how beneficial reasonableness is.

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