Children Acting Like Adults

11 Jul

Tiny Pundits

Art imitates life, and then twists it into perspectives not readily apparent. “Tiny Pundits”, featuring areal adult and media personality, Joe Conason, and three girls masquerading as adult talking heads on a news discussion show is on its face so hilarious, it’s no longer funny. The litany of spin and non-sequiturs is just too accurate.

Yet, why three girls? Children are much less gender-segregated than this exchange. Adults are the ones who make artificial cultural distinctions. The banter between the three girls is a bit too personal, and ignores how talking heads struggle to stay on message despite the fact, that the person sitting next to them is also trying to stay on message – and contradict them. It’s not the personalities of the individual pundit at work, but the party lines themselves that are causing the rancor. Behind every pundit there’s often an entire cadre of idea people and donors.

It’s not that pundits are “girls” – I think young girls and boys are a little more reasonable than this parody would have it – who quarrel, but that the news is scripted as a fake fight, where the spectacle undermines the value of the information provided by pundits acting for donors, and viewers are too lazy or ignorant to judge. “Tiny Pundits” is more about how we view the news, than about how news is “made”.

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