McCotter’s Out

7 Jul

McCotter Rocks the House

The best that could be said for Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) is, that he’s not a professional politician (via Business Insider).

As U.S. Rep. Thad McCotter’s short-lived presidential run fizzled last year, the Livonia Republican turned to another aspiration: writing a TV show.


McCotter, who has played in a congressional band and cited rock lyrics in House floor speeches, formalized his pursuit of creative endeavors in 2010 when he started a registered corporation with the state of Michigan, Screaming Lemur Productions. McCotter said forming the company was necessary so he could join the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and register a piece he and Jon Kahn, a musician and screenwriter, had done for Andrew Breitbart, the late conservative commentator and publisher.


As a filmmaker who reads plenty of professional work, Bannon said he didn’t take McCotter’s scripts seriously, but rather as cathartic musings to burn off the anger and hurt from his book and presidential campaign flopping.

McCotter, he said, is a serious man with serious policy ideas in a town – Washington D.C. – filled with unserious people. Bannon said he and Breitbart told McCotter they didn’t think a presidential run was a good idea. While some may have thought McCotter’s run was a lark, to him it “wasn’t a lark at all. He made a very serious attempt,” Bannon said. When he was shut out of debates and not embraced by conservatives, McCotter took it as a rejection of his ideas that were worthy to be part of the national debate.

And now, McCotter looks like a poster boy for a serious debate on term limits.

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