You Can Take Your Mandate, And…

27 Jun

Howard Dean Believes the Mandate Is Unnecessary Kushibo and I have had a mutual sob session about the long odds, that SCOTUS will uphold the Affordable Care Act. Kushibo quoted a Young Turks post, that the ACA’s Mandate is the perfect symbol of the central mistake of Obama administration. Now, Howard Dean tells me, that a single-payer system in America is a pipe dream.

The interviewer asked if Dean would like to see the entire bill struck down so that Democrats would have the opportunity to pass something even more radical.

“I hope the healthcare bill does not get struck down, other than the Individual Mandate, which was never necessary in the first place.”

“The rest of the bill does a lot of things for a lot of Americans,” Dean said in response, but proceeded cautiously when asked about a single-payer system. “We’re never gonna see a Canadian-style, single-payer system,” adding “This isn’t Canada.” Dean hypothesized that “different single payers in different areas” might reduce healthcare costs but was otherwise non-descript on the issue.

If only this guy would run for president…It all makes me doubt the sagacity of taking facts to voters. Or, maybe I just liked Thin Ice far too much.

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