We Don’t Need To Argue

23 Jun

Something Dylan Ratigan said during his final interview, conducted by Ari Melber, on his MSNBC show struck a chord with me.

“The greatest misconception that I had coming into this job was, that arguing about rules and resources and what we didn’t have was of value. And, three years later, and the realization we do know what to do, even if we all don’t all know, but there are individuals who know what to do with food, with health, with education, with security. We’re just not doing it!”

This was an insight I garnered from studying International Relations. That it wasn’t like solving a math problem, where the solution would appear after crunching symbols. Bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, doctors, lawyers, etc. are making decisions everyday. That’s the problem: everyone is doing something. I came to admire game theories because they seemed to simplify complex interactions. But, the deviations from the reality multiply, and then the models interact, to create another reality. I’ve now reached a point as a teacher, where I don’t want students to know. I just want them to apply what they have learned in some way. I don’t want to see them become another interaction. I just want to create my own path.


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