Always Stuck In the Middle

13 Jun

Kim Il-sung Talking Trash (NKIDP) Even more interesting than how Pyongyang communicated with South Korea’s “…Socialist Mass Party (Sahoe taejungdang), trade unions, and student groups based in Seoul, Busan, and Masan” (via The Marmot’s Hole), it’s interesting how Pyongyang navigated the ideological currents of the Communist bloc, and dealt with Sino-Soviet rivalry.

Comrade Puzanov told me that Kim Il Sung visited Beijing in May 1960 upon invitation by Mao Zedong. During his visit in Moscow, Comrade Kim Il Sung informed Comrade Khrushchev about attempts by the Chinese comrades to pull the Korean comrades into the plot against the CPSU leadership. Comrade Kim Il Sung had told Comrade Khrushchev that they [the Koreans] strictly rejected this Chinese suggestion.


When discussing the course of the KWP so far, Comrade Puzanov conceded strong tendencies of personality cult which represent a certain obstacle to the implementation of the party’s policy. During last year as well, the Korean comrades attempted to apply some methods similar to those of the Chinese comrades (the policy of leaping forward, some methods of economic guidance et cetera). Also, at the [KWP] December Plenum in 1959 the acceptance of disproportions in the economy was defined as a deterministic element for the construction of socialism. Currently there exist two so-called complex cooperative economies, which are similar to the [Chinese] people’s communes. Yet Comrade Puzanov does not consider this to be substantial issues. Also, North Korean Support to South Korean Political Parties and Labor Unions
in his opinion they have already corrected some of those mistakes. They have made their own experiences and already moved away from the Chinese experiments. In March 1960 they already omitted the phrase about the determinism of disproportions, and today it is no longer in use.

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