Does North Korea Have an IRBM?

12 Jun

Musudan/SS-N-6/BM-26 IRBM Jeffrey Lewis offers a handy summary of what he can gather about the North Korean Musudan/SS-N-6/BM-25 intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM).

It is possible, I suppose, that North Korea has a limited number of SS-N-6 kits that were cannibalized for a couple of showy Iranian and North Korean space launches, leaving nothing but spares for a few dummy missiles to scare the hell out of the foreigners. But that doesn’t, to me at least, seem like the simplest explanation. It is, I think, at least as plausible, that the North Koreans have lots of kits and some ability to crank out crappy copies of the SS-N-6 in various shapes and sizes – which for their purposes may be good enough.

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