China Ruined My Good News

28 May

Smoggy China Brad Plumer plays the U.S. against China.

Here’s the good news: “Yes, it’s true: Americans are slowly starting to tackle global warming. U.S. carbon emissions dropped 1.7 percent last year, according to the International Energy Agency. “

Now, the bad news: “But that only went so far. Thanks to China’s fast growth, the world’s greenhouse-gas emissions hit record highs in 2011.”

This depressing result makes a mockery of national comparisons. It’s the same atmosphere, whether it’s situated above North America, or East Asia. And, it’s the same global economy, where the same corporations are operating, even if in one country, they are selling, and, in the oher, they are manufacturing. Those off-shored jobs don’t look so cheap now, either.

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