Some Bright Sides To an Ugly Reality

26 May

korea-fractured-300x300.jpg Who would have known Victor Cha could be optimistic (~13:50) on South Korea?

  • South Korea’s leftists managed to steer the conservatives and the general debate to “microeconomics”, or bread-and-butter” issues;
  • Ideas could become important, and regional and personal fights might play less of a role in the general election;
  • Korean politics is “fickle”; South Korean politics have not realigned;
  • Voters like Park Geun-hye’s “statesman-like” comportment;
  • South Korea’s leftists lost bigger on foreign policy;
  • South Korea and the U.S. are more solid partners.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Scott Snyder reinforces some of these points here.

The day after the parliamentary elections last month, the Korea Economic Institute sponsored a discussion of the election result with Victor Cha, Bruce Klingner, and myself, at which we identified two factors likely to shape the presidential election: an issues agenda primarily focused on social welfare policies and efforts to capture the middle ground versus simply mobilizing evenly-divided political bases. It was also argued that the United States is likely to be eager to work with South Korea’s next president regardless of who wins the December election.

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