How to Avoid Criticizing Korea

24 May

When America and Korea Went Wrong South Korea’s leftists are exasperating. So, are all South Koreans. It’s hard to defend one mistake – northern or southern – and not just criticize both monstrosities. This is like a small lesson in a complete Korea 101 curriculum, “How to Know You’re a Leftist”.

Step 1: Cast the question as an attack on freedom and, if possible, raise the specter of South Korea’s days under a military dictator.

Mr. Lee began his response by saying, “It’s really a shame that a ‘color debate’ [anti-communist attack] is re-emerging and the term ‘pro-North’ lingers on, which was started during the military dictatorships when the two Koreas confronted each other. It’s suffocating the freedom of thought and ideology and I think this kind of question and logic has a lot of problems.”

Step 2: Show some expertise by mentioning that you went to North Korea, that is, if you have gone.

Mr. Lee continued by describing a visit to Pyongyang in which he found the city to be “gray.” He added, “As a liberal activist, I was really shocked. We need to see North Korea as it is, based on brotherhood and as a partner for unification.”

Step 3: When pressed, recast the question as an obstacle to the goal of unification, leaving unsaid that all Koreans are supposed to want that.

When Mr. Lee’s questioner accused him of evading her question, Mr. Lee responded, “”The question on these three issues gets simplified into whether it’s right to develop inter-Korean relations peacefully or worsen them. The question itself is wrong.”

Why do Americans start with 1950 – just because you are ignorant doesn’t mean it never happened- then get themselves into a disingenuous debate about good and bad authoritarianism? Honestly, it’s hard ever to find a good Korea on this pennsula. Why don’t non-experts ever read social science theory before they start rattling off “facts”? Why do Americans accept that unification is the only political goal because, like dog owners who think their South Korean puppy’s shit smells so sweet because they never stop staring up its ass?

Yeah, South Korean leftists are lame. South Koreans are lame. But, that’s because Americans are really dumb with their money and alliances and don’t care.

How do you avoid criticizing Korea? Easy, just criticize North Korea.

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