Two Stabs at Romney

21 May

539w.jpg There is a dilemma about the effectiveness of two possible Democratic attack strategies on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney between either substance or image. On one hand, it’s hard not to connect Romney’s chiseled patrician visage to a personality utterly lacking in empathy. Romney also is consistently inserted enough into a suit or other work attire, that it’s impossible to believe he was born without the basic media kit with which to be a politician. Romney sounds moderate on policy.

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MittRomneyYoung.jpg I like Jamelle Bouie’s recommendation, to connect Romney to George W, Bush. Resentment against and scorn of Dubya certainly didn’t hurt President Obama in 2008. And, the image of another  ideologue in moderate’s suit might even be more accurate in Romney’s case than it was in Dubya’s case. But, a strategy featuring Bain Capital tied to Romney’s offshore accounts is empirically reliable – it has worked before.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So, here’s a slogan: Romney, Dubya’s Greedy Cousin.

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