Korean Flower Power in France

18 May

133732217700_20120519.JPG Maybe Fleur Pellerin (Korean name, Kim Jong-sook) can teach South Korea’s leftists about politics!

Fleur Pellerin, a 32-year-old Korean-born advisor to the newly elected French President Francois Hollande, was appointed yesterday as the administration’s minister for digital economy. Hollande was elected last week as France’s first Socialist president since 1995.


Pellerin was adopted by a French family when she was six months old in 1973. A precocious student, she received her high school baccalaureate two years early at the age of 16. She later graduated from Essec, one of France’s top businesses schools, as well as the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) in Paris and the National Administration Institute.

Pellerin became associated with the Socialist Party in 2002 when she worked as a speech writer for the presidential camp. She was also in charge of dealing with the media as the party’s digital economy adviser during the 2007 presidential elections, and ranked as a close adviser to Hollande during his presidential campaign.

Her current responsibilities include overseeing culture, audio and visual media and national education at the Board of Audit and Inspection. She is also the chair of the 21st Club, a group of elite female politicians in France.

And, another Korean-French pol, might also join the French cabinet next month. Even more importantly, the Hollande government, which features a cabinet composed of 50% women, has made a quick start politically, first travelling to Germany, and now slashing ministers’ salaries 30%. Symbolism, yes, but it’s important to strike quickly.

It’s a uphill battle. South Korean leftists seem to believe public implosion and infighting woos voters.

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