Where Writers Have Gone Before (Again and Again)

10 May

Benedict-Cumberbatch-Star-Trek-2.jpg First up, a two-handed Vulcan salute and a fistful of whatever Scotty and Zefram Cochrane are having, principal photography for Star Trek 2 is in the can! Or, wherever the movie is stored. The only bad part now is the wait – one whole year! Four months for filming, and one year for post-production? How about Star Trek on stage next time?

Like many fans of both Star Trek and Sherlock, I’m excited about the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as the bad guy. And then, impulse engines sputter to a crashing halt. Spoiler Alert!

So here is the first news, and it comes from TrekMovie: The Klingons are finally back, and we’ll get to see how J.J. Abrams re-invisions them.


Well, Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that Nimoy is indeed back as Spock Prime. He might be sharing some insight on the main bad-guy (hint: he’s seen him before), or maybe Nimoy is simply rubbing it into William Shatner for not being able to return.

But it looks like there will once again be two Spocks, with a connection to the former universe that was disrupted in 2009 still keeping representation.


Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a very well-known bad guy. And AICN says it’s who everyone thought it was in the first place: Khan Noonien Singh.

Not “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” Khan, and not even “Space Seed” Khan. This Khan gets an introduction in a whole new way, and sources say fans are going to like it.


The aptly-named Screenrant offers even more nauseating fare.

What is happening to the franchise? Maybe the gossip hounds got MIB 3 mixed up with Star Trek. Or, have the scriptwriters from Eureka camped out at Starfleet HQ? Does Congress need to pass a reform bill, to save Star Trek from bureaucratic paralysis? I’m sure with a canvas as broad as a universe and centuries of plot history to fill, that scriptwriters could dream of villains and weird alien races, to represent the over 100 other countries Star Trek has never depicted.

One gets the feeling that Star Trek is just the smallest of memory cubes held in the palm of a single science fiction writer among a horde of historians in the universe seeking answers to the question, why humans lost the driving curiosity, to explore the galaxy.

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