Revenge of the Prostitutes

17 Apr

6462924.bin.jpg If you can stop laughing – or harrumphing – about the tattererd reputations of the U.S. Secret Service, here’s some serious fun on the administration’s account.

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It’s hard to conceive of a better illustration – prostitution is always the optimal stain when you want to embarass someone trying to hide an inconvenient fat – for why drug legalization is a viable topic for discussion. Which, I remind you, is what Latin American leaders are concerned about.

Yeah, well, this scandal-I mean, this is just, I think, something that just came out into the open; I’m sure it’s nothing new for these kind of events. I mean, what’s interesting about it is Cartegena is a Caribbean city, so the Caribbean has a reputation as being a kind of playpen of the United States, a kind of place of sex tourism. So I’m sure that this is not going over well in Latin America itself. I mean, it kind of harkens back to the days of, you know, Fredo Corleone and Hyman Roth setting up, you know, meetings, setting up rendezvous with, you know, businessmen. So I’m sure it was-it’s something that kind of over-set a bad tone for the rest of the summit.

The summit itself is a bit of a-it’s a bit of a show, a bit of a spectacle. It began under Bill Clinton in the 1990s and was very much tied to trying to move the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas along. And it started running into problems in Quebec during a rising anti-globalization movement, and then in 2005 in Argentina, which really did kind of derail the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas. So, at this point, it’s unclear what the purpose of this summit is. Latin Americans themselves are creating these bodies that are excluding the United States, that are deepening integration, political and economic integration. This seems to be a venue in which they come together in order to criticize Washington, quite effectively.

Good job, Secret Service, you’ve marginalized a real discussion by sacrificing your dignity.

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