Full of Radiated Baloney

15 Apr

mod-cover.jpg At times like these, when fears of another nuclear test in North Korea, to distract from its failed missile launch abound, is there any hopes for non-proliferation and eliminating stockpiles? Maybe.

One commonality between the nuclear weapon states is the prohibitive costs they face in maintaining and modernizing their arsenals. Already, the nuclear powers have spent a combined $100 billion on their programs. Furthermore, ADF estimates that they will spend an additional $1 trillion modernizing their nuclear arsenals over the next decade. Although analysts have long stressed the high cost and inherent difficulties countries face in trying to go nuclear, perhaps emphasizing the towering costs of staying nuclear might be a more effective means of dissuading potential proliferators.

Just in case, though, if budgetary restraint can’t persuade, there’s always popular pressure.

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