SuperPACs and Saviors

12 Jan

So, what executive department will Carl Forti get?

ANDY KROLL: Yeah, Carl Forti is Mitt Romney’s $12 million mystery man, as we recently put it. You know, he is the brains behind Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney super PAC. He’s plotting the strategy. He’s, you know, funding, cutting, conceiving the attack ads that have gone after Mitt Romney’s opponents. And I think that in Iowa, especially, that super PAC, Carl Forti, were just crucial in Romney eking out, as you said, that whisker-thin, eight-vote victory there. And now you have Governor Romney winning in Iowa, you have him winning in New Hampshire. They can say that “we’re making history” and be honest about it. And that history making would not have been possible without Carl Forti and this super PAC he’s running.

And, how about Jon Huntsman’s dad?

And so, we’ve seen the super PAC money again here in New Hampshire. We saw it in Iowa. We’re going to see it, you know, in the millions of dollars in South Carolina and Florida, the next two primary fights. And so, this outside money, especially from the pro-Romney folks, has been a way to knock them all out at the knees and solidify Governor Romney’s spot on the top. And it’s something that, you know, his campaign can’t do, and really doesn’t want to do. You know, they don’t have to worry about being so negative, because they have this outside dark-money group to do it. Ron Paul, as well, has had some outside groups working on his behalf, and he’s been attacking folks, like Governor Romney, like Jon Huntsman, here in New Hampshire. And then Governor Huntsman himself has a super PAC that was financed by his father, the billionaire chemical magnate. That super PAC is going to be crucial to whether Jon Huntsman even lasts another week in South Carolina. Yet it’s unclear whether that super PAC is going to continue helping him out or not.


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