Officer Vega’s Victim Pose

4 Jan

Is there no limit to the N.Y.P.D.’s mendacity? New York’s Finest must feel embattled if it needs to make a victim out of one of its own.

An Occupy Wall Street protester has been charged with allegedly stabbing a police officer in the hand with scissors as a crowd tried to retake Zuccotti Park on New Year’s Eve.

Officers swooped on Zachary Miller, from Berkeley, California, after watching him push a police barrier into an NYPD riot van, police claimed.

…According to the police’s criminal complaint, as Officer Christoper Vega tackled the struggling protester he was cut in the right hand, causing him ‘considerable pain’.

…Officer Vega also suffered two bruised knees and suffered a back injury in the clash, a police source quoted by the New York Post claimed.

He was treated at Bellevue Hospital for his injuries.

…Miller had previously been arrested in October and November for disorderly conduct at the occupation, and has a record of narcotics, parole violation and burglary arrests in California, the police source claimed.

After his New Year’s Eve arrest, Miller was also charged with weapons possession, obstruction of governmental administration and resisting arrest.

He was released on $500 bail.

It’s a work of art!

Contrast this carefully-constructed fiction of a police “counterattack” to these true documented account of police attack and an assault upon reporters.

Sam Seder (~ 35:30) also talks about how Officer Vega, far from being a passive victim, initiated the aggressive action that resulted in his injury, by trying to seize the scissors Miller was using to cut plastic ties linking the metal barricades.


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