Liberals Should Rebut Ron Paul, Not Ridicule Him

4 Jan

Joshua Cohen connects the dots between Ron Paul’s crackpot anti-Fed views and his secretly-admired foreign policy canards.

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Later on, Cohen calls for a liberal response to Paul’s isolationism. Glenn Loury argues that the U.S. Congress has the constitutional authority to declare war. That’s a bit too quixotic to take as a real platform issue. What is untenable about the ever-expanding authority of the Executive branch is the goals, which favor very narrowly-defined interests in the U.S. and even more minority national interests abroad, e.g., Israel, or the Egyptian military. While recognizing the apparent hegemony of American military power, a progressive foreign policy should also take social justice as its watchword for a global constituency that privileges the majority of people in the world, not national or group interests. And, American foreign policy should include in its repertoire not only military means, but the full panoply of economic, soft, diplomatic, and moral suasion. In effect, American foreign policy should be committed to creating a global commonwealth based on liberal political principles, capitalism, social equality, and sound environmental policies.


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