NK Reality Dump

1 Jan

Just in case you’ve grown as tired as I am of the “crying” meme and bloviating and completely forgettable prediction about the future of the North Korean regime that are effectively mere Rorshach tests, here are some boring and equally entirely forgettable fact-based links.

  • Kim Jong-un named supreme commander of North Korea’s military
  • Kim Jong-il held three main positions: chairman of the national defence commission (NDC), general secretary of the Workers’ party and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army. According to the constitution, his position as chairman of the NDC made him ‘supreme leader’ of North Korea. He retains the title ‘eternal president’ even after his death.

    Kim Jong-un was made a four-star general last year and appointed a vice chairman of the central military commission of the Workers’ party. Since his father’s death, he has picked up major titles from officials and state media: ‘great successor’, ‘supreme leader’ and ‘great leader’.

    Kim Yeon-su, a North Korea expert at Korea National Defense University, said North Korea was showing the world that its system was stable and “the elite remain united”.

    He said the next step for Kim Jong-Un in 2012 would be for him to be nominated as chairman of the NDC and to rise to general secretary of the Workers’ party.

  • N.Korea threatens not to associated with Lee government
  • North Korea’s new year message declares era of prosperity
  • Kan Naoto’s northern exposure

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