Kim Jong-Un Loses His Cherry

31 Dec

It didn’t take long for North Korea to resume its lovable habit of tossing off hysterical rhetoric.

Kim Jong-un, who was declared Supreme Leader of North Korea yesterday, issued his first terrifying threat of war today.

North Korea may “smash the stronghold of the puppet forces” in the South in retaliation for “hideous crimes” committed during the mourning period for Kim Jong-il.

And, who is the culprit behind these crimes? Why, Lee Myung-bak and his ridiculous condolence policy.

The [DPRK Ntional Defense] Commission said the South’s actions created the impression that a ‘golden opportunity’ had arrived to lead the North to a system change. “The South Korean authorities put the three services of the puppet army on an emergency alert and ordered them to adopt combat posture, creating a war-like atmosphere on the ground and in the seas and air,” it said.

North Korea also condemned the South for spreading anti-DPRK leaflets during the mourning period and preventing certain groups and citizens from visiting Pyongyang to convey their condolences. “Traitor Lee Myung-bak spearheaded all these operations,” the Commission said, referring to the South Korean president.

It added: “[Lee] sought to attain his foolish goal by taking the advantage of the mourning period, and if that fails, to lead the DPRK to ‘contingency’ and ‘change of system’. From the olden times, it was considered inhumane to raise one’s fist at the neighbor visited by misfortune and seek profits.”

North Korean state-run media published a series of articles on Friday which were critical of South Korea. While threats against South Korea have been made in the past, Friday’s threat was the first since Kim Jong-il’s son, Kim Jong-un, took over as Supreme Leader.

“Expressing condolences and sending condolatory messages have been good manners and customs and ethical tradition peculiar to the Korean nation from the ancient times,” the Commission said. “It is for this reason that we brand the evil act of the Lee group as treason bereft of elementary human reason and morality.”

Obviously, if not this excuse, Pyongyang would have found any reason to rant about South Korea or President Lee. The point is, Lee gave them a really good reason to ridicule him. From granting exceptions to certain individuals to express official condolences to the leafleting, Lee looks like the worst kind of hypocrite, or at the least, indecisive and inconsistent. But, it’s good to know the entertainment will continue for the foreseeable future. Watching Koreans rant and rent their clothes, especially when they are in the weakest position, is about the only spectator sport left for a political observer these days.


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