Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

@ Robert Koehler

I’m not going to get into the invention that’s Christmas. Nor am I going to extol the virtues of celebrating the winter solstice. It’s damn cold out, and I don’t need to draw more attention to the long nights. It’s a national holiday in South Korea, but I won’t blather on about the sociological curiosities of how South Koreans celebrate “the other Valentine’s Day”.

I’m tired with a lot of the anti-Christmas rhetoric expressed in the media. I didn’t put up a tree. I don’t go to church. Going to the movies might be the closest my wife and I come to a holiday ritual. This year, we invited the family upstairs for dinner (spicy BBQ pork ribs, potatoes, sausage, and assorted Korean side dishes). My niece was fixated on burned CD of an ancient Rankin/Bass classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I felt no nostalgia for my American family rituals, like turkey and trimming the tree. I guess I’m a pagan and a traitor. Strip malls will not like me any more.

Get a life!

Instead, just let me share what I watched last night. (Sorry, Vodpod and posting videos in general seems to be a challenge right now.)

Jesus and the Dogs (Blackadder’s Christmas Carol)

It’s a Wonderful Life (Bank Run Scenes)

Merry Christmas!


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