Matt Lewis Wastes My Time On Huntsman

17 Dec

This is ridiculous. How can a grown man who makes a living with words resort to such a bland circumlocution as “feeling good”? What the hell does that mean? Is Lewis making a comment about the impact of media images on voters’ decisions? Or is there “something” else going on?

Henry Melcher can make an argument.

It seems the ultimate reason for Huntsman’s stagnation is that somewhere during this process, “grown-up” has been conflated with “liberal.” If holding civil discourse and believing in science – if only momentarily – makes one a grown-up and, thus a liberal, then the bar for maturity in the Republican field is embarrassingly low. It can’t even be considered a bar, it’s a threshold and Jon Huntsman shows what happens when you step even one toe over it.

David Edenden can make two arguments.

One of the reasons that he is not doing well is that he “un-American” that is “stylistically” and “temperamentally” he is too Canadian … mild mannered, reasonable, self-effacing … the kinder gentler Americans … you get the picture … (note: does not apply to hockey players).

He also does not live in what David Frum calls “the alternate reality”. That science is good, Obama was born in the US and he is a liberal, not a socialist (we have real socialists in Canada), and we better prepare for “global warming”.

Sulla the Dictator can make one, too, and be really wrong.

Frankly, I would have no interest in being a member of a Republican party dominated by someone like David Frum. I have no interest in what is basically left wing, Democratic governance, minus 20%.

Sulla the Dictator leads me to believe, that Americans have completely blanked out on ideology. Huntsman is not left wing! One need go no further than his jobs plan. The campaign’s priorities are tax reform, regulatory reform, energy independence, and free trade. Matt Lewis must be on drugs, and Sulla the Dictator must be high on rhetoric.

Maybe, Matt Lewis is talking about what Melcher is: Governor Huntsman comports himself like a leader. Or, in the opposite way, as David Edenden argues, Huntsman comports himself as if he is supplicating himself to the American people for a vote. I know I don’t want to waste any further time on Huntsman – I’m not voting for him. And, I am a left-wing Democrat. Matt Lewis failed miserably to provide a service to me – to give me quick analysis, so that I can make a decision for myself.


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