South Korean Parliament Takes Next Step In Development

23 Nov

An anti-FTA brawl in the South Korean legislature:

Oooopps…wrong year…here it is – and this one has catfights!

No…what about these two disagreements?

That’s the one! I was disgusted by the lack of technological sophistication witnessed in those earlier rehearsals for this brawl. Fisticuffs are just so simple. Not since Americans perfected drunken duels on the floor of the House has a legislature marshaled the perfect combination of cant and rage. The gold standard is still the Brooks assault on Charles Sumner with a cane in the Senate chamber in 1856. South Korean elites showed a bit of innovation by deploying a tear gas canister, but it still lacks that requisite feel of intimate hatred. I’m hopeful South Korean elites can sink deeply into their humanity, to find the depravity to brew both technology and rage into a fine toxin. Maybe, next year! And then, it’s just a few more atrocities to another civil war.

But, hey, the KORUS FTA passed.


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