Second Time’s the Charm

21 Nov

Libya’s new transitional government has learned from its mistakes – or has it?

According to the BBC, Libyan Prime Minister Abdurrahim al-Keib announced that he “trusted militia in the town to take care of [Gaddafi]” in anticipation of interrogations to begin on Sunday (Gaddafi would be interrogated in either Zintan or Misrata). Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court, which seeks Gaddafi for crimes against humanity, is sending a prosecutor to the country to aid in the trial, and concerns rise that the rebels responsible for his capture will attempt to negotiate for higher-ranking positions in the new government in exchange for Gaddafi. Keib is expected to announce his new cabinet on Monday.

If I were Saif I’d be pissed. The rebs obviously don’t think he’s worth martyring. And now, Saif will be bored to death by international tribunal, if the rebs let him go. Saif is not the only prisoner of value. He comes with a former intelligence chief, Abdullah al-Senussi. Maybe Senussi can broker a deal to sell his former master’s yellowcake uranium for the new government.


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