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Making a Mercury Out of Itself

30 Sep

Freddie Mercury Lit UpWho would have thunk it – Mercury has something to tell us about the solar system. “Although a true sibling of Venus, Mars, and Earth, the innermost planet has had a much more exciting life than anyone predicted.” No, not Freddie Mercury, I’m talking about the planet, Mercury. Throw away the textbooks!

New data from orbit show a huge expanse of volcanic plains surrounding the north polar region of Mercury. These continuous smooth plains cover more than 6% of the total surface of Mercury.

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Wounded By Design

29 Sep

I started reading the 1787 Constitutional Convention debates when pundits began questioning the health of the American constitution in light of the convening of the “Super-Congress” this August. In high school, we reenacted the Convention – I was George Wythe. Fortunately, many years ago, I not only bought the Mentor Books edition of The Federalist Papers (edited by Clinton Rossiter), but also The Anti-Federalist Papers and the Constitutional Convention Debates (edited by Ralph Ketcham). Really, I don’t understand why both volumes aren’t combined, because, for all the brilliance of Hamilton, Madison, and Jay, what started as a debate stayed a debate until ratification. I finished the first section today, as the Convention adjourned and the real fights began.

What have I learned?

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When Our Leaders Are Insane

29 Sep

Amy Sullivan is certain President Obama has a woman problem.

Even when women are in the room with Obama, they are sometimes seen but not heard.

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