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18 Feb

It’s prudent for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to fatten the larder before the storm breaks.

…notable…was the news last week of a deal with the Japanese government, allowing the fund to add an extra $100 billion to its kitty. The loan will augment the fund’s existing lending capacity by about half, but it is not stopping there: it plans to raise still more money (perhaps another $200 billion) from other governments. If it succeeds, it would have roughly doubled its lending capacity compared with the start of September 2008, when the global financial crisis broke in earnest.

And, certainly, debtor states would hail any move to tap into the Chinese piggy bank.

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The Somali Piracy Blowback Propaganda Clusterfuck

18 Feb

It’s one thing for a government to protect its proximate sea lanes, and another just to waste taxpayer dollars and military resources chest-thumping and exacerbating a remote situation. The Somali pirates are responding, since there is no credible Somali navy to protect its sea lanes and since US policy has imploded on land, by militarizing the waters around the Horn of Africa. So, instead of correcting those problems, developed states, from East Asia even, are going to take advantage of the snafu to preen fro domestic audiences, and thereby make the situation worse? Talk about path dependence!

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Sink or Fly

18 Feb

Raymond Pritchett argues why the US should help PRC build an aircraft carrier fleet, even with old Russian wrecks.

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