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Today’s Hong Kong Photo

2 Feb
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Is Misaki Talking to Me?

2 Feb

Asian Teen R

Drawn by her curiosity, [Misaki] Nakajima has scheduled a vacation to St. Louis for early March. The trip—which falls on her 18th birthday—reportedly coincides with the American Society of Actuaries’ annual convention, a four-day event during which Nakajima hopes to be seduced by “the heavyset man of [her] dreams.”

Although she has long fantasized about traveling overseas and having a world of carnal delights revealed to her by an aging claims adjuster, the taut Japanese teen admitted that she is uncertain how she’ll be received by American men.

“I just hope they don’t mind the fact that I’m completely shaven,” Nakajima said. “Oh, who am I kidding? They’d probably never go for a naïve young sexual kitten like me.”

Poor girl – if she’s not willing to bankroll my latest startup, schmooze clients with abandon, be qualified to run a division for the good of my trans-pacific conglomerate, never EVER take a vacation or ask for any other gift besides one piece of gold per year, give me two non-identical children – OK, negotiable and depending upon her income – and ignore my wives/mistresses, how are her coarse, brown-spotted tresses any more alluring than this 40-year old blond’s? I mean, I’m past the age when sex matters -and with fertility treatments I don’t even have to worry about conception or the kid’s graduation – so I might as well get my trophy and an asset to boot!

What am I – her daddy?

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Censors in Plain Clothes

2 Feb

Al-Jazeera doesn’t give much more than other articles about Charter 08 have offered. But, a glimpse of those notorious Commie officers in plain clothes reveals how ludicrous censorship can get.

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