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Today’s China Photo

30 Jan
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China, originally uploaded by babasteve.

We Still Have WU

30 Jan

Well, at least remittance figures for The Philippines and Western Union are in double-digits in these depressing times.

So, the next time you see another article in your local paper about the impact of the economic crisis on remittances, use these data to write an op-ed that asks companies like Western Union and MoneyGram International to do their share in this economically-challenging times to lower their prices and reinvest in communities.

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More Worthless Advice for Obama on DPRK

30 Jan

Michael Breen has two complete thoughts, and then contradicts himself without even bothering to arrange these two pearls to shine amidst the offal.

…there is no “big idea” that will transform North Korea from without. This shockingly unpleasant country is too noisy to be ignored and too large to squeeze into obedience. The only course is for foreign powers to manage it, preferably in tune with one another, until its leadership changes and it transforms itself.


North Korea is not so mysterious. We may not know much about its day-to-day affairs…

At least a thinking conservative like Robert Koehler recognizes that “management”, not regime change is the worst option, except for all the others, like regime change. Read the rest at your peril.

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