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25 Jan
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Silky Dreams, originally uploaded by fran&ois.

Happy New Year!

25 Jan

People throng Gangnam’s Express Bus Terminal in southern Seoul yesterday to travel to provincial cities. Lunar New Year tradition calls for people to visit their hometowns and spend time with family members over the holiday. By Kim Kyung-bin

Today is, for lack of an expletive, “driving day”, when South Koreans migrate – away from Seoul – back to their ancestral homes for the Lunar New Year holiday, or Seollal. According to Chosun Daily, automobile use is up 2.4% over last year. Obviously, “green” has its limits.

With this year, I’ve also come full circle in only eight years, from receiving money to giving it. My brother-in-law’s daughter will be the center of attention tomorrow. My wife just instructed me, that she only wants to give the kid 5,000 won, because my wife doesn’t want to spoil her, or condition her to expect money from her uncle and aunt. Conveniently, 5,000 won was all I had in my wallet. My wife also made dumplings for the ddeok guk.

It’s the Year of the Ox – Happy New Year! Supposedly, this is a year for prosperity – cue the bull anytime!

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