Dragging Down the Quality of Testosterone

21 Jan

I say this as a man, the Korean Bar Association is dragging down the quality of global testosterone. This man is a dolt, and all I can express is sadness at his death, just as I would any other person, man or woman. But, the man’s corpse is not cold and already his stupidity is multiplied.

…the Korean Bar Association has released a position statement opposing the recognition of marital rape, saying it prevents reconciliation or the smooth negotiation of divorces, including issues like child custody. One lawyer said with frequent instances of foreign women coming to Korea to marry Korean men to simply make money to send home rather than love, a careful legal judgment is needed.

No, some men shouldn’t be married.

Less snidely, there’s something to be said for dating before having to accept a lifetime of imprisonment without parole with a man whose conception of marriage is little removed from that of childhood. Fortunately, this man did not produce offspring in need of care, but the government should just convert his estate into foreign aid to be used for the better awareness of Filipino women about marrying a childish male animal. Or, instead pay for the members of the misogynist Korean Bar Association to receive groin kicks from all takers.

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