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Today’s Singapore Photo

8 Jan
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Angles, originally uploaded by Life in AsiaNZ.

I just got overwhelmed in a couple Asia-related articles today, and so there won’t be a summary.

Eli Lake sent out an e-mailer on China Signals Thaw on Taiwan, and after firing off a quick response in the Comments section, I got trapped in the inner loop of a longer response.

Then, there’s Gordon G. Chang’s China, Sponsor of Hamas Terrorism, where he makes an argument for tracing Hamas’ rockets through Iran to Beijing.

And, if these aren’t provocative enough, mull “one big pimp for the u.s. military” without overheating.

Finally, Foreign Policy – why today? – lauds the opening of “ping-pong diplomacy” in PRC-US relations on April 6, 1971. I think I’ll wait for that day for a special sports and politics feature. But, really, NSC Adviser Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon had started communications with Beijing before that.

So, forgive me, my 5 loyal readers, I need to sleep on these stories.

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