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White Mountain Links, 1-2-09 (Updated)

2 Jan

Year of the Ax Ox: “If you look far enough into the future, 2009 may well be seen as the moment Asia consolidated its economic and geopolitical clout. But it certainly will not feel like it.”

Another Booty CriminalAustralasia
Still Spooked about Boobs: Not only American preachers try to hoard boobs and criminalize nudity.

No Dumping Zone: Australia denies it agreed to take Gitmo detainees, and says President Bush kept asking.

The Melamine Precedent: LA Times‘ Barbara Demick calls the trial of Sanlu Group executives “…a showdown between the Chinese government’s opaque legal system and a consumer culture that increasingly clamors for information and accountability.” Needless to say, consumers worldwide are on Chinese consumers’ side.

It Really Did Happen: Forget the trial, when Sanlu apologizes, it means it did it.

Kill the Messenger:  Despite holding parents under house arrest, Beijing authorities could not stop other parents from giving a press conference about melamine exposure.

Honey Laundering‘: First milk, now honey.

Blame Thy Ally: Global politicians might resist protectionism to avoid beggar-thy-neighbor policies, but blaming the US always works politically

Same Old: ROK might be a cinder in Pyongyang’s eye, but President-Elect Barack H. Obama is the man to whom DPRK wants to give up its nukes.

Chilly Headwinds: Wintry weather dampened the full force of a resumption of balloon activism in Paju, ROK.

All Figures Point Downward: As all economic indicators worsen, South Korean conservatives push harder for liberalization.

Meet You in Jail: Friendster put together a “no-underwear” event on New Year’s in Kuala Lumpur which resulted in 26 arrests. “The two high-profile women and seven others tested positive for drugs, police said, according to The New Straits Times, which reported that condoms, beer cans and half-eaten pizza were found strewn around the hotel room.” Oh, my!

The Philippines
No Peace for Mindanao: the AFP are on high alert after a series of holiday bombings.

No, No, Gloria’s Got to Go: 64% of Filipinos don’t want President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to stay another term in office.

United States
19,000 Lucky Refugees: The US announces its East Asian quotas for 2009

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Learn about Dokdo, Please?

2 Jan

Sorry, Dokdo Korean Documentary TrailerThe top video clips of the week are here

That was the serious version . I’m not sure I want to spend the money to watch this would-be crowd-pleaser. But, this “serious” Dokdo clip should be playing before a Japanese feature (via Idiots’ Collective: “If Borat Was Korean…“):

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