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19 North Korean Pawns in Limbo

1 Jan

The arbiter of the fate of 19 North Korean refugees – including four children – is Thailand, after a Burmese court ordered their expulsion, but “…would not say which country they would be sent to, only that it was the country from which they had entered Myanmar.” The Thais are equally non-committal, landing the refugees in a detention center. “The [South Korean]diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the move would pave the way for their travel to South Korea.” This comes as the Lee administration in Seoul announced that inter-Korean relations have entered an “adjustment period“.

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New Year’s Resolutions

1 Jan


1. I will write more book reviews.
2. I will pick a few topics and stick to them.

Ah hell, I’ll never keep these resolutions, so why lie to you?

1. I won’t write New Year’s posts – year’s best, worst, highest rated, resolutions – again.

Now, I can keep that promise!

An Early Start to a Bad New Year

1 Jan

And, December was hardly a bump, either.

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