What Do We Do Now?

7 Nov

The Candidate (1972)After watching scion Bill McKay (Robert Redford) charm his way into the US Senate over the corpse of incumbent Republican Senator Crocker Jarmon – eerily portraying a simulacrum of my grandfather’s and father’s political dreams – I recalled why else John McCain had to lose: nepotism. Another McCain, stepping over another Clinton’s political career, following another Bush would have been far too much satire for the American political system to handle. After watching The Candidate (1972), I don’t know if President-Elect Obama is the self-conscious politician with a future McKay is not and that has gone beyond boomer politics, or if McKay is his prototype. American politics has become the preserve of the Marvin Lucases: David Axelrod, Karl Rove, James Carville, Lee Atwater.

“So vote once, vote twice, for (Write-In)… you middle class honkees.”

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