White Mountain Links, Election Edition

5 Nov

I wanted to do this world roundup, chronicling reactions to the election of Senator Barack H. Obama as the 44th US president. Unfortunately, it’s really easy to transliterate “Yeah!” from various languages to English. It’s very hard at this point, before President-Elect Obama has appointed a single cabinet official (and, indeed elections have not finished), to know how foreign leaders will gauge him. Foreign comment seems sugared with superlatives and ridiculous sentimentality.

Der Spiegel does have this selection of responses from prominent Europeans. It’s more a wishlist than anything else, with Obama as cipher.

And, The Hankyoreh opines about an Obama administration’s influence on peninsular and regional affairs. After “…seismic shift…”, I just became too skeptical to read too deeply.

OK, hug…the world seems to need it.

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