I Have A Dream

5 Nov

Is it too early to hope this?

If Obama’s election achieves nothing else positive, it can at least help us get to the point where the election of a black president will be viewed as normal, and that president himself judged by the same standards as those applied to other politicians.

Ilya Somin’s essay is excellent, especially coming from the center-right.

Yet, today the US has become a “more perfect union”.

I feel as if this country just saved itself.


Being an American isn’t about just understanding the positives, it’s understanding the flaws. It’s how I, a descendant of slaves, who were originally counted as 3/5ths a human being, can believe that the Constitution is the most profound document written in the past 400 years.


I finally see some light. I found my faith again. The faith in my country.

I understand, but faith is earned.

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