Barack H. Obama, 44th US President

5 Nov

Congratulations, President ObamaOf all the tropes in President-Elect Barack H. Obama’s acceptance speech, from the “Yes, we can”‘s, 106-year old voters, “mystic chords”, and “your President, too”‘s, I noticed his foreign policy argument that the US will defend, not liberty, nor democracy, but “peace and security” (and the Bush Defense Department will help). Yet, Senator John S. McCain’s concession speech was more poignant, because it expressed the message John S. McCain should have articulated but for some reason could not.

In that regard, David Bernstein is ready to be sentinel, and as citizens all Americans should set aside our pride and relief now for a skepticism that speaks truth to power. Because the Democrats will have no congressional supermajority, excessive skepticism is not warranted: there will be no leftist coup. Ross Douthat might believe a lurch leftward is Obama’s reward, but I believe the nation is not divided in so convenient a way. I worry about a fragmentation into interest-groups, races, and genders, after hope departs.

But, for now, hail the Chief!

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