I Just Voted

3 Oct

Absentee ballots are so much easier than the “normal” mode of voting. That is, the driving to the polls, passing the gauntlet of pollsters and campaign volunteers, enduring the ID check, waiting in line, entering the booth…whoever says they enjoy this probably likes dental surgery, too. When I return to the States, I will seriously consider living where I can just mail my ballots weeks before the “day”. Deroy Murdock would make me appear at the voting site, and worse, I have to think about my vote!

Unless Americans are certifiably ill, incapacitated, or (to coin a word) absent on Election Day, they should vote neither absentee nor early. Citizens of this republic should view the debates; follow the candidates’ speeches, watch commercials and interviews, and read news articles and opinion pieces. We should deliberate among our fellow citizens and meditate individually.

And on Tuesday, November 4, the American people should line up at local fire houses and elementary schools, and precinct by precinct, select the next President of the United States. This momentous occasion deserves sobriety and dignity, not civic slovenliness.

Choosing the leader of the free world should not be the political equivalent of sitting at home in sweat pants and picking either the sweet & sour shrimp or General Tso’s chicken. It is high time America took our ballots more seriously than Chinese takeout menus.

What a nosy, elitist killjoy!

Aside from the presidential race, Florida’s courts, congressional representative, and a few constitutional amendments are on the ballot. The most notorious amendment involves the definition of marriage to read explicitly “a union of one man and one woman”. I voted against it. I’ll take my chances on an outbreak of gay polygamists snowbirding in Florida as a result.

And, yes, I voted Obama/Biden.

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