McCain’s Hanoi Hilton Credentials

27 Aug

The Young Turks ask a valid question: are six years in the Hanoi Hilton a credential for foreign policy leadership? Is the Obama campaign’s message, that John McCain has exercised bad judgment in his foreign policy decisions, enough to puncture McCain’s aura as a “war hero”?

This seems an awfully philosophical direction to take this issue. Giving McCain his due as an honorable man is probably necessary not to incur reprisal. But, how can Barack Obama deliver a critique, and Joe Biden, communicate it to independents and fence-sitting Republicans, by informing people about opposing foreign policy visions?

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One Response to “McCain’s Hanoi Hilton Credentials”

  1. Brendan 29 August 2008 at 1:59 am #

    Wow. That was an impressive interview. The questions, I mean, not so much the answers. I’m definitely swiping this.

    Imagine if the MSM did their job the way Cenk Uygur just did.

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