The Stuff of Ridicule

4 Jun

With Democrats, all things are possible. Bush lost and he won. So President John McCain is quite possible, even probable. The Republicans went with the only guy who has a chance of winning, while the Democrats are going with the only guy who has a chance of losing.

I don’t think it’s as simple as Barack Obama’s skin color. He shares that with Colin Powell, who probably could beat anyone in the race today.

Obama’s problem is that he is a scary-smart uber-liberal from the Senate who talks in complete thoughts with sentences that contain two, maybe three commas.

White guys can’t win the presidency carrying that kind of baggage.

Unless the economy and Iraq dissolve into chaos, I don’t see the folks clinging to their guns and religion taking the Obama leap of faith.

I believe John McCain is as far removed from Bush as they will care to go in the voting booth.

It’s certainly ironic that Florida played the pivotal role it relished all along in this selection, even if it wasn’t the intended one.

There’s only one retort—is that too big a word for a white guy?—for : President Thomas E. Dewey.

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