We Need a Webb-Bot!

15 May

Obama - Webb 2008As a registered centrist Democrat, . But, returning to earth, I have to accept Justin K.‘s argument, too:

I like Webb, but I’ve been lukewarm to the Webb-for-VP idea. If we want to pass as much progressive legislation as possible we need as big a margin in the Senate as possible, and his seat would be tough to keep if he stepped down.

That said, really putting VA in play and winning over Scotch-Irish voters in Ohio and PA (most of those other states won’t really be in play) is tempting.

Still, on balance, I think Webb needs to stay in the Senate. Obama has other swing state and white working class options for VP (Ted Strickland, Ed Rendell, John Edwards, Tim Kaine maybe? etc); he’s probably gonna win no matter what, given the climate this year; and Webb’s a little too big and loud for the Number 2 spot.

It still has to be a female, centrist governor.

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