What America Would Lose with Obama

2 May

I’ve watched coverage of Senator Obama‘s relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright pinching my nose. Perhaps, as Ross Douthat argued in another diavlog, the MSM’s coverage and performances, showcasing a midrange between platform wonkery and character, are as good as Americans can expect.

Yet, I’m still dismayed. I expected more honesty about all the communities in America, and I expected Obama to lead the discussion. His dismissal of Reverend Wright smacked of opportunism, from a candidate, who, although speaking of transcending race, has the rhetorical ability, intelligence, and pulpit now to distance himself from his opponents. He could speak his mind to the people, as the people speak truth to power. If Douthat is right, Obama has a much steeper hill to climb for me to trust him now. Instead, he’s balking.

I worry about the compromises I will have to make between the two Democratic candidates, between two politicians whose platforms I do not fully support. Both support universal health care, so I can hold my nose and vote Democratic. But, I’ll be holding my breath for four years, on foreign and fiscal reforms.

Here’s an excellent discussion about Reverend Wright, probably the best I’ve read or heard in the past few days.

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