You Suck, Florida!

30 Jan

The Florida (and the National) Democratic Party !

The Economist, as usual, finds :

Electability also depends on whom the Democrats choose. That took a twist on Tuesday. The Democratic Party organisation had earlier decided to punish Florida for holding its primary too early, by giving warning that its nominating delegates would not be allowed to sit at the national convention. All candidates promised not to run or campaign there. But late in the day Mrs Clinton declared that she did want Florida’s vote to count and visited the state, where polls showed her ahead. Perhaps she wanted to divert attention away from Mr Obama’s vivid victory in South Carolina on Saturday. In any case, she handily “won” Florida with 50% of the vote to Mr Obama’s 33%, and in post-vote interviews claimed it as a satisfying victory. Just another twist in the most entertaining election season in recent memory.

(Oh, and John McCain won.)

Even more entertaining would be the spectacle of state legislators and party officials panhandling under overpasses for the campaign funds and the write-in votes they should never, ever receive again!

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