“Too Late” for Serious Blogging

9 Jan

I’ve spent the whole evening, after teaching for six hours, making a video for a job at Pusan National University (PNU). I’m working all this week, and when I got the call to interview, with one week notice, I had to scramble. The expat coordinator suggested I could submit a video presentation, which he claims has been a successful way to apply in the past.

But again, getting the camcorder was a stretch. So, a friend offered to lend me one. After some schedule snafus, he just filmed me earlier this afternoon. But then, we needed a firewire to upload, and then we would have needed to edit the footage, which came in three takes. So, we bought it, but the other end of the firewire didn’t plug into my PC at home.

So, my friend will edit it later, and send the video to PNU by courier before the deadline tomorrow at noon. In the process, Frank Beaucher showed me an excellent video he and SpookLarsen did, "Too Late". Frank is the lead actor. Check it out! I hope my video application looks so professional.

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