For Our Vote

3 Jan

I kid you not!

GWEN IFILL: As these candidates are making their closing arguments, Hillary Clinton with two minutes on the air tonight in Des Moines news stations, Barack Obama doing the same thing, Mike Huckabee flying off to Los Angeles to be on Jay Leno, how much money are they spending to do all of this?

JUDY WOODRUFF: Gwen, the numbers are mind-boggling. We’ve been putting together today — I’ve been talking to all the campaigns, talking to people who watch this on the outside, and the best estimate I have is that the spending in Iowa — Republicans and Democrats together — over $100 million.

Now, most of that is Democratic money. I’m hearing the Democrats could spend from $70 million to $80 million. Now, that is compared to something like $12 million or $15 million they spent in 2004. So by magnitudes much, much larger.

If you do the math that I did on the back of an envelope, these candidates may be spending something like $400 per voter to get maybe a total of 200,000, 225,000 voters to the caucuses tomorrow night. It’s really mind-blowing.

Could I just have that money in a gift certificate? How about campaign finance reform?

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